Active Iron Pregnancy 30 Capsules


Ground-breaking iron supplement, specially formulated for Pregnancy
We Made Iron Better For You and Your Baby with x2 Better Absorption in a Non Constipating Formula
Active Iron Pregnancy contains 17mg of iron and is suitable throughout pregnancy and during breastfeeding


Active Iron Pregnancy is Kind & Strong, it supports iron levels throughout pregnancy and is specially formulated to help prevent constipation. Active Iron Pregnancy is clinically proven to have x2 better absorption than the gold standard iron supplement, ferrous sulfate.

Our demand for iron increases threefold to meet the demands of pregnancy, especially during the second and third trimesters. Maintaining a healthy iron level is important for both mother and baby. Iron is essential to life, it contributes to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue and plays an important role in normal energy metabolism, cognitive function, and immune function. Active Iron Pregnancy supports iron levels throughout pregnancy and is gentle enough to be taken on an empty stomach. It is also suitable during breastfeeding.


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