Declare Anti-Pollution Cleansing Balm


Discover a new cleansing experience and feel the transformation.

With its transformation in textures,  it cleanses deep down to remove  even the heaviest make-up, including  waterproof varieties, instantly soothes  sensitive skin and provides dry skin  with an incredible feeling of silky-soft  suppleness. 

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For ultra-soft skin that is cleansed deep down.  Without any feelings of tightness! 

Cleansing is the most important step in any  balanced skincare regimen. But we often neglect  this starting point in our daily skincare ritual or  use products that have not been developed  specifically to remove the stresses of everyday  life, such as environmental pollutants and make up, from our skin. We all have our own reasons  for this, from a perceived lack of time through to  concerns about further increasing the sensitivity  of our skin. 


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