Gucci Guilty Black for women 50ml

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Eau de Toilette for her

A favourite fragrance family… warm, powdery, rich and musky fragrances that are perfect for the evening and winter months.

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The Guilty Black lovers bring out the most scandalous sides of each other: alone they are magnificent, together irrepressible. Fearless in their passion, they are brazen, shameless, unpredictable – ready for each and every explosive encounter. Their attraction is instinctive: they go where they scent danger and each other.

Too much is never enough for our young hedonists, who drive each other to stray ever darker. Life is thrilling and meant to be lived to the fullest. Again and again, they give in to pleasure and the excitement of breaking the rules.

Gucci Guilty Black is a sensual oriental floral, inviting you to indulge in your burning desires


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