Lemsip Max Cough & Cold (Lemon) – 5 Sachets


For the relief of symptoms associated with colds or flu including chesty cough

I am aware that medicines should be used in accordance with recommendations for use as contained on the packaging and I confirm that I am purchasing for that use. I agree to be contacted by a Pharmacist should he or she have any questions in relation to this purchase. I confirm that I am over 18 in order to purchase this product.


Due to danger of paracetamol toxicity we will only sell one pack of paracetamol online at a time. Should you have a need for multiple packs, please speak to our pharmacist in store!

For the relief of symptoms associated with colds or flu including chesty cough.


How to take: For oral use. Pour one sachet of power into a mug and fill with hot, but not boiling, water. Stir until dissolved. If preferred, sweeten to taste with sugar, honey or your usual sweetener.

How much to take: Adults and children 12 and over: 1 sachet every 4 hours.

Do not exceed 4 sachets in 24 hours. Do not give to children under 12, except on medical advice.



  • Paracetamol 1000mg, the action is Analgesic & Antipyretic for the relief of Headache, sore throat, fever, body aches & pains
  • Guaifenesin 200mg, the action of Expectorant for the relief of a chesty cough.
  • Total sugars 2.0g in a base including ascorbic acid (Vitamin C), pulverised sucrose, aspartame (E951), sodium citrate, citric acid, curcumin, lemon flavor, saccharin dosium and caster sugar.


  • Contains a source og phenylalanine. May be harmful for people wth phenylketonuria.
  • Keep out of the reach and sight of children
  • If symptoms persist consult your doctor. Do not take if: allergic to any of the ingredients. See leaflet enclosed for further information.


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