Retainer Brite Cleaning Tablets 36


Remove plaque and tartar from your dental devices such as retainers and mouth guards with Retainer Brite!

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Retainer Brite are soluble cleaning tablets that clean and brighten removable dental devices, such as retainers and nightguards.

 Benefits & Features 

  • Cleans wire & clear retainers
  • Cleans mouthguards & nightguards
  • Cleans bruxing appliances & TMJ appliances
  • Comes in a pack of 36
  • Blue dye indicator helps show when your device is clean
  • Removes the build up of plaque & Tartar on your dental devices

 How To Use

  • Place one cleaning tablet into a glass semi full with warm water
  • Put the dental device i.e retainer into the effervescent solution, which should be blue
  • The blue colour should disappear after about 15-20 minutes, which indicates, your device is clean & free from any odour
  • Rinse your dental device thoroughly with water


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