Reusable Bamboo Drinking Straws Set

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Complete with 1 Bamboo Case, 4 Stainless Steel Straw, 2 Cleaning Brushes, 4 Silicone Tips.

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  • Reusable and eco-alternative to plastic straws, the Bambaw bamboo straws can be reused in order to cut down on waste.
  • Biodegradable – The Daily amount of waste is alarming. These natural wooden straws are good for the environment and won’t leave footprints. In addition, they do not contain any colour or ink.
  • Durable and strong – Bamboo is an ultra resistant wood. It would be appropriate for all types of drinks, whether hot or cold.
  • Anti-bacterial, the bamboo has of course antibacterial properties. The brush allows you to effectively and gently clean your straws for a deep clean.
  • Hand made in Bali, the bamboo originates from from controlled organic farming and is processed without pesticides or other chemicals. Our straws are also designed by local artisans. Each straw comes from a different bamboo shoot, which makes it unique in its colour and its diameter.



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