The Mental Health Benefits Of Remote And Flexible Work

Rather than interrupting them while they’re in flow, you might instead write up a memo outlining your plan then call a meeting to discuss once everyone has read it. Pre-reading before meetings saves time and ensures you don’t waste the time you spend together on context gathering. Conventional wisdom states that open offices promote collaboration and save money, but open-plan offices are penny-wise and pound-foolish. There is overwhelming scientific consensus that open-plan offices reduce productivity by at least 15%. You’ll be aware of many of these, but you may be surprised with remote work’s impact on the economy and planet.

This can help turn a business into a continuous operation, which can be especially beneficial for providing around-the-clock customer service. Absenteeism within the workplace can be a significant problem for businesses and other employers. After all, if work needs to be done and the person who is required to do it becomes unwell, the work may not be completed, or it may instead be completed by someone who is less qualified or less prepared. One of the main pieces of research on this to date is a two-year Stanford University study, which divided a group of 500 workers into two groups – one working in the office and one working from home. Over the duration of the study, the productivity boost from working at home was equivalent to one full working day extra. Keep reading to learn about 10 ways that companies are benefiting from remote work or visit our home office solutions page for more valuable insights into remote and hybrid work. So, can people work remotely, regardless of whether they want to or whether they’re actually able to?

Challenges Of Working Remotely

Privacy is important to us, so you have the option of disabling certain types of storage that may not be necessary for the basic functioning of the website. Here are some of the most interesting and, perhaps, surprising, ways flexible work can positively affect mental health. Sign up to our weekly newsletter and receive a FREE Template & Sample to help you welcome new employees to your organization. Developing standards for handling meetings and projects remotely and working with freelancers as part of the Gig Economy, such as by clarifying workstreams and responsibilities. Some important things to consider are what environment you stay focused in the longest, how long it takes you to get back on track, and how you best communicate. If you’re self-motivated, adhere to a routine well, and enjoy minimal distractions, then working from home is the right choice for you. When you’re at work, nothing sounds more amazing than a toasty day indoors with your favorite blanket.

In 2013, a year after it instituted work from anywhere, the USPTO was ranked highest on the Best Places to Work in the Federal Government survey. The study determined that “The overall impact of WFH was striking. Working from home is just one of the many favorable advantages businesses gain through adopting a paperless management system. Organizations also save money by doing away with physical documents and the bulky accessories that comes with them. A survey by Microsoft found that 23 percent of employees appreciated working from home for its environmentally friendly benefits. Another 44 percent were also glad they didn’t need to face a long commute to work and 55 percent were happy they could save on gas. By contrast, remote working arrangements allow companies to find workers all around the world.

You Spend Less Money Outside Of The House

Nevertheless, it is equally important to highlight that, with some careful planning, the benefits of working from home can extend to the businesses employing those remote teams, too. The rise of telecommuting has led to a lot of discussion about the various benefits of working from home for employees, but it is worth stressing that this is far from a one-way street. With some careful planning and skilled management, employers also stand to benefit enormously from having remote teams in place . Access to care may also become an issue for remote workers, especially those living in or relocating to more rural areas with fewer health care providers. In these cases, employers may want to consider leveraging telemedicine to provide routine and primary care and triage. “In the workforce of the future, the health care delivery environment will have to accommodate more geographically diverse employees,” said Stone.

  • “I used to have six to eight loads of laundry to do on the weekend and then I’d be exhausted going to work the next week,” she says.
  • You can also find further insights and resources regarding WFH by visiting the ViewSonic work solutions page.
  • In the absence of employee engagement, your business may suffer and deal with high turnover rates.
  • In the past couple of years, we’ve been in the midst of a massive change in how we work, most of us working remotely.

One of the advantages of remote work is the flexibility it allows. This results in employees being able to manage their time better. They can sneak out a few hours for a dentist appointment or their child’s soccer match. In case of emergency, they need not wait to get themselves permitted to leave. If all employees in the U.S. benefits of working remotely who held remote-compatible jobs (about 50% of the workforce) and wanted to work remotely (about 79% of the workforce) did, greenhouse gases could be reduced by 54 million tons. Depending on the size of your business, supporting remote employees could produce significant savings without radically restructuring your company.

Happier And Healthier Life

To ensure employees can use their benefits, employers must know about any changes to employees’ circumstances as soon as possible. The definition of remote work is work that can be done outside of corporate offices.

benefits of working remotely

Take help from nTask now and give yourself a break from all the stress of managing work remotely. Besides other factors, the ability to work from home has a positive impact on the environment. Employees can help reduce carbon emission by reducing the commutation to and from work. Work from home can reduce up to 54 million tons of greenhouse gases, making the environment more friendly and green.

A New And Improved Work

Millennials and Gen-Z demand the right to have a say in how they work. Remote workers are the beneficiaries of such virtual onboarding processes. Tailoring a good virtual onboarding experience is easier, quicker, and less clumsy than a traditional onboarding – courtesy of the absence of any paperwork. Abi Tyas Tunggal Feb 14, 2022Abi is one of the co-founders of Himalayas where he focuses on product and growth. In his spare time, he runs a YouTube channel, podcast, and blog focused on strategy and management.

Ultimately this means every employer able to offer remote work now has to consider introducing a robust remote work policy, if they want to attract and retain the best talent. It’s tempting to peek over the cubicle and talk up coworkers in the office. However, employees sometimes feel like they’re more distracted with the chatty Cathys in the workplace. Companies that show trust in their workers to get their jobs done can make staff members feel more loyal to the organizations they work for. In some cases, where all work is able to be carried out remotely, it may even be possible to move away from having a single, centralized workplace entirely.

benefits of working remotely

Find the latest news and insights on how employers are responding to potential changes to state and federal abortion laws, as well as members-only resources for supporting your employees. One of the biggest changes when working from home is the sheer amount of flexibility you’re given. This flexibility doesn’t have to be limited to when and where you can work, it also includes things like what you now have time to do during your day and what you can eat throughout your workday. With Prodoscore’s latest feature you can visualize how employees collaborate. With the ever-growing need for sustainability, consumers are more likely to get fascinated by companies that offer more sustainable working options. One of the most long-lasting and positive pros of working remotely is its effect on the environment.

Pool Of Talent

Use these 3 strategies to make the most out of your remote meetings. “Therefore, employers should be the first to know, not the last.” Work from home also means no expenditure in terms of heating, electricity, lighting along with the reduced need for printers, copying machines, etc. We will elaborate more on the pros of working remotely in the forthcoming paragraphs. Create a list of questions to ask over video chat so you can get a feel for their personality and see if their resume matches up with how they present themselves.

  • Many offices maintain a mix of flexible hours and remote work options for their staff members, according to individual needs.
  • If you allow employees to work during their most productive hours and pursue professional development outside of those hours when it suits them, they can build their networks and learn new skills.
  • For example, employers may need to rethink a strategy that provides incentives for employees to choose the best health care providers located near company worksites.

My research also uncovered ample organizational benefits from WFA programs. For example, they increase employee engagement—an important metric of success for any company.

Cheap Beer And Recessions: How To Survive And Thrive With Exceptional Customer Experience

Moreover, work from home saves commuting time allowing employees to invest the time in their work and save some time for themselves too. Employees can work on the betterment of their health, improve their performance, and can also maintain a healthy work-life balance. The benefits of working remotely include flexibility and freedom. On top of all these benefits of working remotely, it is also inexpensive and more lucrative. To be clear, there are remote working advantages and disadvantages. However, with software solutions that streamline communication and improve daily workflows, managing a distributed workforce has never been easier.

benefits of working remotely

You’ve got travel costs, parking, lunch, coffee and snacks, birthday cakes, colleague presents, clothes for work… the list is endless. Some employers even give refreshment or clothing allowances as a benefit. Remote working saves on these expenses, which can add up to a substantial amount. This means more disposable income available for other things, which is always a good thing. The benefits of remote working can be just as advantageous for the employer as the employee. Working out a mutually agreeable situation for both is ideal, as remote working is growing in popularity. Here are three key benefits of being part of a remote team that you can share with your boss.

Reduced Need For Employee Perks

Thanks to telecommuting, employees are now able to work from pretty much anywhere at any time of day. Still, python Bostwick says her colleagues are adjusting remote collaboration and creating a remote team culture.

Document management software helps companies eliminate the need to track down important information buried in piles Computing of paperwork. While at home, 62 percent of employees said they have increased productivity, according to Microsoft.

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